Our Vision

”Love God, Serve People, and Impact the World!”

Impacting the World is part of the vision that God gave us here at Crossroads some time ago. In fact, this simple vision drives everything we do. It goes like this…

We are committed to being a people who Love God, Serve People, and Impact the World!

Notice that it doesn’t begin with Impacting the World. It begins with a love relationship, an intimate friendship between you and God… Loving God! That relationship was made possible through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. That’s why He came and why He died and why He rose… that you might draw near to Him!

Next, we believe that a relationship with Him will always result in a life of service to others,  Serving God! We achieve that through many Discipleship Groups (Home Groups) and Service Teams throughout the church. Everywhere you look people are serving people. Not only in the church but outside as well; right here in the community of Bakersfield!

Lastly, as we all learn to serve others we will find that we are Impacting the World! This is being realized here every day as we take Christmas gifts to local children whose parents are incarcerated, as we feed the hungry right here in our own community, as we work with the children right here in our own neighborhood who are struggling in school, sometimes unable even to read. We support numerous ministries here in Bakersfield who serve orphans and foster children, drug addicts, the homeless, and prisoners. We also get to join in with the Tim Tebow Foundation and put on Night to Shine, a yearly prom for the special needs community! We have our hands in as much as God allows us to, even as far as traveling to Mexico numerous times a year to build houses for those in need and supporting missions in Tanzania where we help to train up and equip indigenous pastors to teach the Word of God to their own countrymen.

Impacting the World is not for just a few of us. It is God’s plan for each of us who love Him! You too! Find a ministry or an outreach that stirs your heart! Get involved, join a Ministry Team. Leave your comfort zone behind! It’s great to have you aboard!

For more information on any of our ministries just call the church office at 661-377-2500.